TriRot is a micro unmanned Aerial Vehicle in a TriCopter format.

This was the first research project for Gineerâ„¢ and was undertaken during 2012.

Micro UAV's provide a perfect platform for tasks such as surveillance, monitoring or mapping, amongst others. The main drawback of the platform however, is the relatively short time that it can remain in the air before needing to land for a recharge or a battery swop.

The main focus of the design was to build a solution that could remain operation in the field, theoretically, indefinitely.

Making use of wheels, which allow for much lower power consumption, with flight, for the advantages of an aerial viewpoint when required, opens up many more possibilities.

The addition of wheels also allow the system to make use of heavier payloads, allowing for recharging via solar power or even wind turbines and regenerative breaking.

Micro UAV Range Extension - White Paper.pdf

What could you do with a system like this?

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